Best Ever Social Media Campaigns

Social media is just a tool to make creating a viral or buzz-worthy campaign easier. You have to have a compelling and interesting enough message that make recipients want to share with a friend. Here’s the top 5 from Forbes list of 20:

#1 “The Blair Witch Project” 1999

Movie site Box Office Mojo reports that the film made more than $29 million during its first week of wide release. It has generated about $249 million to date worldwide.

#2 Blendtec: Will it Blend? 2006

According to Jeff Robe, Blendtec’s director of marketing, the videos have done more than boost awareness of Blendtec blenders. Home sales of blenders have increased 700% since November 2006.

#3 Old Spice “Smell Like a Man, Man.” 2010

Old Spice spokesman Isaiah Mustafa was popular in TV commercials, but what really made this campaign an interactive hit was the recent Web-based element with Mustafa responding to questions submitted by fans on Twitter and other social media outlets in as many as 180 Web videos this summer.

#4 Burger King: “Subservient Chicken” 2004

Created to promote their TenderCrisp Sandwich, the website received 15 million hits in the first five days.

#5 Pepsi Refresh 2010

This campaign gives people the chance to obtain funding for charitable ideas. The idea(s) with the most votes wins. The Forbes judges highlighted the use of “Refresh” as a way for Pepsi to push toward a new identity while still maintaining its youthful image.

Personally, I liked OfficeMax: “Elf Yourself” but that only ranked #7 on Forbes list, even though it managed to create 122 million elves during the 2006 holiday season! What was your favorite social media campaign?

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