Commercial Confusion

According to the recent poll conducted by Adweek Media/Harris Poll, over half of all respondents reported that they were not confused by commercials very often. While older subjects tended to report greater confusion, 16 percent of young adults, age 18-34 reported feeling this way “somewhat often.” This aligns closely with the 45-54 age group that reported 4 percent felt confused “very often” and 14 percent “somewhat often.”

Commercial Confusion Chart by AdweekMedia/Harris Poll

Understanding was greater among the 35-44 age group, where only 2 percent reported being confused by commercials “very often,” 11 percent “somewhat often.”

Advertisers and the ad agency community alike can also appreciate that so few of the respondents said they simply don’t watch TV commercials and that there was little variation by age. 13 percent of the 55 and over group reported that they don’t watch commercials compared to 10 percent of each other age group in the survey.

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